Thank you to Gwen Bristol for conducting this wonderful author interview! I award her three virtual penguins.

Gwen Bristol

A month or so ago I read Imminent Danger, by Michelle Proulx (see her blog here and her web site here). I’ve always been a little nutty about sci-fi, but this one was funny and romantic as well as having a great space-setting. I loved it.

Yesterday I was able to have a quick interview with Michelle Proulx…and here it is!

Where did you get your inspiration for ‘Imminent Danger?’
Would you believe me if I said school? I was taking an Intro to Astronomy class in my first year of university, and my professor had an unfortunate tendency of regurgitating the contents of our textbook as his lectures. I gave up listening to him after a few weeks, and one day, while playing Donkey Kong Country on my laptop, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if an astronomy teacher who spends all day lecturing…

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  1. Congrats Michelle!

  2. minisculegiants

    Thanks for reblogging! Have a great day. I have penguins to hang out with now, apparently, so my day should be wonderful. 🙂

  3. Michelle…. mind if I use you as my “author of the week” in my blog post tomorrow?

  4. Michelle, such a great interview! Every time I visit I become a bigger fan. Rading has taken a back burner to writing for me, but Imminent Danger is downloaded on my Kindle and bumped to the top of the reading queue.
    About fanfiction–you write it but do you put it out there? What do you write about and where do you publish it? Beth

    • Woo! Well, first of all, my eternal thanks for giving my book a shot 🙂 Secondly, fanfiction — I do indeed write fanfiction. Um … if you look on my blog (the list of pages at the top), there’s a Fanfiction tab that will link you to my Hunger Games fanfiction about Finnick Odair. That’s probably my favourite fanfic that I’ve written (and the only one I actually finished, lol). And then, once you’re on my fanfic profile, you can see what else I’ve written (mostly Harry Potter stories). Fair warning — a lot of it is from high school, so it is of questionable quality 🙂

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