Wonderful review from Miss Marla Rose Brady! Thanks oodles for the kind words 🙂

Marla Rose Brady


Michelle Proulx’s novel “Imminent Danger, and How to Fly Straight Into It” is an excellent debut for an up and coming author.  This first book, intended to be part of a series, is about a young college-bound girl going to a boarding school.  After being abducted by an alien one night on campus, our main character, seventeen-year-old Eris, is taken away from her home planet of earth.

After being enslaved and captured by numerous kidnappers, Eris is eventually discovered by Varrin, a handsome, debonair fellow from the planet of Raskorian.  The description of Varrin’s planet is one of complete chaos: there are only two classes of people (“those who have, and those who have not”), everyone is beautiful, intelligent, and excellent fighters.  Basically, everything about Raskorian strength is superhuman compared to the regular earthling human (who many of the interstellar aliens consider “terrestrials” throughout the novel).  However, the Raskorian ethics…

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