Returning the favour (ft. Tania L Ramos)

One of my favourite WordPress Authors, Tania L Ramos (and yes, when I say her name, I do say the entire thing and roll the R), has been sweet enough to plug my as-of-yet unpublished book on her blog! I thought it was only fair to plug her book back on mine.

So first of all, go check out her blog. Secondly, listen to me ramble about her book for a second.

I read Be Still (her book) over the summer, and I really enjoyed it. I had some trouble getting into it at first, because it’s a romantic drama, and my usual genre is, well, hardcore fantasy. But I fell in love with the characters, the ending was heart-warming and fantastic, and I was even able to overlook the fact that there weren’t any dragons. So props to Tania L Ramos for that. (I even roll the R in my head! I need to stop doing that.)

Be Still also holds the distinction of being the first (and thus far, only) book I’ve reviewed where the author actually sent me a physical, signed copy of the book. That was a really cool feeling — that someone is so invested in getting my opinion that they’re willing to send me one of their books that they’ve bought and paid for themselves. It was like Christmas in July. It was awesome.

If you’re interested in reading Be Still in the next little while, I’m given to understand that you might even be able to get it for free! The ebook version, that is, not the print version. Only I am special enough for this honour! Muahahahaha. Anyway, here’s a quote on the subject from Tania L Ramos’s blog:

And to ring in this holiday season, please visit my website to receive a free Kindle download of Be Still. Or contact me to receive a signed paperback copy of my book for $10 plus $3.95 shipping, or buy two books and get one free.  Don’t forget, books make great holiday gifts.

And that’s about all the time I have for cross-promotion, as I have a project due today and I’ve already spent the last hour blogging instead of working. Bad Michelle!

Oh yeah, and since I’m talking about other bloggers and how awesome they are, I should mention Andrew Toynbee, who invented an award — The Most Helpful Blogger Award — and nominated me for it. Woo!

Unrelated image of the day:

Unrelated video of the day:

This is a … really weird video. It’s painfully catchy and adorable, and yet at the same time horribly depressing. So … enjoy?

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15 thoughts on “Returning the favour (ft. Tania L Ramos)

  1. My head hurts from shaking it, and I watched the entire video. Now I have many more ways to try to die than just living in my house with its electrical challenges. Thank you, as always, for some fun! … And thank you for the book recommendation. It’s right up my alley. 🙂

    • Apparently people kept dying on train tracks, so they put together that video to encourage people not to be idiots. It boggles my mind that people are actually stupid enough to try and run across train tracks. Yikes.

      And if you do end up reading Be Still, make sure you chat Tania L Ramos (man, I love typing out the whole name, I don’t even know why). She’s incredibly nice, and has great insights into writing/self-publishing/life in general 🙂

      • Michelle, people don’t think around trains, and I have to admit, just a couple of weeks ago, I was attempted to go around the gate as it was coming down. I knew the train was a slow-poke, but I restrained myself. If figured it was a PSA by the ending. Thanks for the extra about Tania L Ramos :-), I’ll definitely chat with her after I read her book.

        • Typos – it’s a curse. You know I meant tempted not attempted. sigh.

          • Good grief. I read your first post and I was like … she attempted to go around it? Does that mean she didn’t succeed? Is she typing this from a hospital bed because she got hit by a train????

            Nah, I’m just kidding. But yes, typos always pop up at the most inopportune moments 😀

  2. I hope people got the message that the video intended. The parodies are already appearing on YouTube!

  3. R-r-r-r-r-ramos. R-r-r-r-r-ramos.

    You’re right, That is fun.

    Unsolicited opinion: The payoff for the head shaking picture was not worth a concussion. I was hoping for a naked lady at least.

    • My apologies. I shall strive for more R-rated content in the future. Maybe I can find one of those Magic Eye images with some sexy dancing ladies …

  4. Dumb ways to die – That’s my city and that’s my train service!
    The part that amazes me is whenever someone dies at a perfectly safe level crossing with bells, lights and automatically closing gates, people *still* call for these “unsafe” crossings to be improved or eliminated.
    It costs about $100 million on average to grade-separate one road level-crossing so unless people are happy to donate both money and skilled man power, the state government simply cannot get rid of all 150+ level crossing in Victoria at the same time. It takes time and they’re working on it but people have to learn 1) to be patient, 2) learn what flashing red lights, bells and closing gates actually mean! It’s not hard!

  5. That video is going to be permanently etched into my memory. As you said, it’s cute… but ever so depressing. Kinda reminds of Happy Tree Friends in a way.

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