Yes, I’m still alive (more or less) + Copy-Edit news!

You may have noticed that I’ve been suspiciously absent from WordPress for the last fortnight. You may not have noticed. Either way, I’m back, and I’m psyched to be here. Specifically, I’m psyched not to be sitting in a freezing cold office highlighting endless paperwork. Anyhoo …

I spent the last three hours trying to catch up on all the blog posts I’ve missed over the last two weeks. Do you people have any idea how much you write? Good grief. I had to restrict myself to reading 1 out of every 6 posts, or I would still be scrolling through my Blogs I Follow list tomorrow morning. So if I missed a major update in anyone’s life due to my extreme skippery, I apologize.

My temp job is officially over, and I have about $1600 and no life to show for it. Still, an interesting experience was had, and I extracted several promises from my co-workers that they would buy my book when it comes out. So … call it a win?

Speaking of my book … nah, just messing with you. The Michelle Proulx Official Life Update isn’t over yet. Patience, my young padawans.

This month I also moved apartments, which I think I may have mentioned, and we’re officially settled into our new place. It’s smaller and cheaper than the last place, but the location is way better (right beside the mall), plus the heating is centrally controlled, so my mother can’t turn down the heat whenever she gets too hot. Muahahahahahaha.

Okay, now we’re actually going to speak about my book. The major news is that I got my Copy-Edit back! As I expected, the edits are all minor things — commas moved around, dashes added, etc. The editor seems to have some sort of weird addiction to semicolons, because he’s added about a dozen. Interesting. Right now I’m going through the edited manuscript — basically re-reading the book – to make sure the editor didn’t do anything crazy. He seems fairly sane thus far (Chapter 18, baby!), so I have high hopes.

Once I finish my review, the manuscript goes back to the editorial folks at iUniverse, and the design process begins. Woo! I’m really excited. I sent them cover design ideas a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard anything back yet, so I have no idea what the design team has done with them. Hopefully something epic.

I really need to get dressed and unpack/review my book, so I think that’s all for now. I have great plans to make another vlog episode, which may or may not succeed depending on how my showering/unpacking/book reviewing goes.

Hope you’ve all had a great two weeks, and I look forward to reading about your lives/accomplishments on a more regular basis.

Oh yeah, and before I forget — I gave up on NaNo. No time + no energy + packing/moving/job/other job/copy-edit review = no NaNo. Le sigh.

Unrelated media of the day:

What if Aladdin always looked like that?

Hehehe. And here’s another ridiculous K-Pop video to brighten your day:

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23 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still alive (more or less) + Copy-Edit news!

  1. Aladdin looks super creepy.
    I’m glad you’re back and hoping things calm down for you now. Super happy for your book news!
    I quit Nano too, No more story to write.

    • Haha doesn’t he? I actually based one of my characters partially off of Aladdin and his awesomeness, so I’m glad he didn’t look like that the entire movie 😀

      Things haven’t quite calmed down, but they’re getting better. As I write this I am trapped in my room, as I tried to move a large bookshelf into the room, it got stuck, and now I can’t get out without climbing on top of it (and it’s about seven feet tall and wobbly so I’m not keen on that!) My friends are coming to help me escape when they get back from grocery shopping, so hopefully I won’t have to go to the bathroom before then, lol.

      NaNo was not meant to be for us, I’m afraid. Perhaps next year?

      • I hope you have been released from your entrapment. I’m thinking about trying again next year, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to see what’s happening then.

  2. You were away for two weeks? Forget the guilt…I was gone for a whole month!
    It DOES take a while to catch up, though. I will be doing that for the remainder of the year!

  3. Rhiannon

    ahem, i think you forgot to mention another amazing reason to move….?

  4. There was a load of good news in here! Hmmmm on the semicolons. I know how to use them, but they seem so out of place at times. I’ve been changing mine out by making two sentences or using a comma with an “and.” … Sorry about NaNo, but so glad to hear your book is moving forward. Yeah!

    • Woo! Yeah, I actually wrote the book with no semicolons whatsoever, but my copy-editor is all gung-ho about them, lol. And I’m not exactly pleased that I didn’t finish NaNo, but then I look back at all the other stuff I’ve accomplished this month and I feel a little better 🙂

      Oh, and as always, I love your enthusiasm 🙂

  5. I noticed you were gone, lol! I’m like, where are Michelle’s blog updates? </3 But congrats on your book continuing to move forward–I'm super jealous, but you already knew that. 🙂

    • Hahahaha don’t be too jealous, there’s still a long way to go 🙂 And I’ll try to post more so I don’t break your heart (that’s what </3 means, right? lol)

      • Yeah, basically. xDD (Reminiscent of sending emotes to my mother, LOLOLOL.) And yeah, but hey, it’s a FUN long way to go, right? I mean… book! =D That’s cool right? One of these days I’ll get there. Also, congrats on having all that money. Sure it meant no life for a few weeks, but hey… Money. *_*

  6. Welcome back.

  7. Semi-colons seem to be the most optional of all punctuation marks. I use them more for internet winks than for marrying short sentences.

  8. I missed your funny updates, and I’m glad you’re back! Glad to hear about your work situation, your big move, and also your copy-edit experience, even though it sounds like it was a bit scary. Looking forward to more dispatches!

    • I’m glad to be back, too 🙂 It felt super bizarre to wake up and not immediately run to my computer and catch up on all the blog posts I missed overnight. But now I can blog alllll day. Ain’t it grand?

  9. Interesting read, glad to see your editor is happy with the book 🙂 And yes, Aladdin does indeed look like a creep!

    Thanks for the post

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