VLOG #3 is now live!

So last night my mother and I sat down, as we are wont to do, and settled in for another editing session. I thought people might enjoy getting a look into the inner workings of our editing process (spoiler alert: it isn’t much of a process), so I recorded it, trimmed it down, and turned it into a youtube video for your viewing pleasure. Thus, without any further ado, I give to you:

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22 thoughts on “VLOG #3 is now live!

  1. Aww phooey. I always like your VLOGs. But I won’t be able to check this out until I get home. They block YouTube at my job. :-/ Sheesh… it’s like they want us to work or something. lol

    • Employers can be so inconsiderate of our needs, I tell you.

      • Okay, I just watched it. You and your mom are just too funny! 🙂 Can I come hang out with you guys? lol Is she an editor for hire? 😛

        • Lol, so I asked my mom “Are you an editor for hire?”, expecting her to just shake her head and say “No”, but here is her verbatim response: “Huh? What do you mean? Well, I guess I could try it. I certainly have the experience. Yeah, it could be interesting. I’m assuming when you say for hire, you mean they would actually pay me. And money is good. I’m certainly not getting any money from you. Yet. I’m still hoping for my cruises.”

  2. That was so cute. I could hear my own editor a few times there. It’s so great that you can work with your mom on this.

  3. I love your vlogs, Michelle! You and your mom are adorable. That was fun!

  4. I smell a sitcom here: “Stuff My Mom Edits.”

  5. LOL, I agree with Gus here. I love this dynamic. It reminds me of the Kathy show, where her mom is always in the crowd making sure she stays polite. It works. I’ll be watching more, that’s for sure. ❤ thx for sharing.

  6. Reblogged this on cozybookbasics and commented:
    Refreshingly candid (I hope that’s not a cliche!)!

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  8. Matt Knox

    Haha, that was good. Your posts are are great.

  9. This was so awesome, I’m pretty sure I even slapped my knee a few times while laughing. LOVED IT!! Seriously, there should be a “full of awesome” button of some sort. Or “Favorite” so I can watch it repeatedly, like when I go through my own editing process. Oh, and because you have me thinking now…whirled… maybe pivot? Sorry, I blame you for firing up my synapses! 🙂

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