My second VLOG is here!

Oh, teh lulz.

After a great deal of effort, I managed to sit my manager/editor/mother down for that vlog I promised you guys last week. She was reticent at first, but quickly warmed up to the whole vlogging thing. I think she had almost too much fun, to be honest. Well, you can judge for yourselves. Thus, without further ado, my VLOG:

In other news, I have recently acquired a temp job for an internet company. I will be standing in front of a table, handing out magnets and asking random passersby, “Do you have your internet set up for the new school year?” all next week, 9-5. Woot! I have a feeling I will be unutterably bored by the end of the first day, but hey, money is money. And you can quote me on that. At least it’s only a week, lol. And the $400 I make will help me pay for my copy-editing.

Also, my blogger friend Keri Peardon has recently released a new ebook — check it out here. It’s on sale 50% off today, so give it a look see. I haven’t read it yet, but I did read/review two of her novellas, and I really liked them, so I’m guessing Acceptance (her new book) will be good as well.

Random image of the day:

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11 thoughts on “My second VLOG is here!

  1. Michelle, you and your family are charming! What a great vlog, and how fortunate you are to have your mother’s experience and help. I was greatly heartened when the first word she said to throw out was “that” – my nemesis. Blooper reel was great. Brother is too cool! Good job!

    • Haha thanks 😀 I’ll let my brother know that he’s cool. As he is a man of few words, I expect his reaction will be something along the lines of: “Oh. Okay.” But I’m sure he’ll appreciate it on the inside.

  2. Candace Knoebel

    Made me laugh once again Michelle. Love your mom…she is awesome lol. You have a knack for vlogging! Congrats on the edits!

    • Thanks 😀 I’ll let her know her vlogging attempts were appreciated — she really didn’t want to be recorded, but I kind of just sat her down and didn’t give her a choice, lol.

  3. Congrats on the edits and cool vlog. You really need to tell your brother to hold back on some of that enthused excitement that was practically bursting out of him. 😛

  4. You and your family are delightful. As for editing, don’t tell your mother, but I edit myself, mostly because I have no desire to change anything anymore. Each of my books took me ten years to complete, and that’s enough. Waiting to hear next installment/video.

    • I do like the idea of editing myself. However, it’s nice to bounce concepts off people, and then have them return the idea with an even better twist. It’s hard to do that by yourself. Although I think I will be taking the reins on editing more firmly from now on 😀

      • Please don’t take any advice from me! I don’t share my work because it would mean more re-writes. More work. It’s laziness that guides me.

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