116,237 words and counting …

Goose Apocalypse

I’ve fallen super far behind on my work this week, so I only have time for a quick post. Remember how I mentioned that I had to cut 20k words from my manuscript? Well, I’m on Chapter 8 (out of 44), and I’ve cut 5,070 thus far. Huzzah!

Now, when I say “I cut”, I really mean “my mother and I” cut. She’s my editor/manager, and she’s been working on the book for so long that it’s basically hers as well. Not that I’m giving her any of the royalties!!! Muahahaha. I did, however, promise to buy her a boat once I’m rich and famous. Although I’m worried about actually doing that, as she gets sea-sick very easily. I don’t want to gift her with something that will make her ill on a regular basis.

Our basic cutting process (that sounds weird) is for mother to go through a chapter or two of the manuscript and scribble all over it. Then she gives it to me, and we go through the suggested changes together via her laptop-hooked-up-to-the-TV-via-HDMI-cable.

It’s incredibly slow going, but 5k words over 8 chapters is pretty fantastic. I have no idea where all those words came from, although it’s becoming clear to me that I ramble at length when I write.

Our goal is to have the cutting process finished by mid-August, because then we need to get it copy-edited (still haven’t decided by who). Fingers crossed, the edits will be done by the end of August, and then the actual publication process can begin in September. Which, again crossing our fingers, will put the book out sometime mid-October. Just in time for Christmas! Woo!

In other news …

The entire world probably knows this already, but in case you don’t, Snoop Dogg is a recently-converted Rastafarian, has changed his name to Snoop Lion, and will now make reggae music instead of rap.

Thus, for your viewing pleasure, awesome Snoop Lion memes:

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6 thoughts on “116,237 words and counting …

  1. Hey there, I’m glad that you’re making some progress on your work. It always scares me though when people talk about editing. Don’t edit just to edit. Make sure that the parts you’re taking out are parts that aren’t needed. I know we need to cater somewhat to editors and the public, but it really shouldn’t affect (or change) our writing too much. Keep at it. Just make sure that you’re happy with the result. Good luck, I’m wishing you all the best! 🙂

  2. The Bumble Files

    Congratulations of all your progress, Michelle. I wish you the best on your book.

  3. Congrats! I find it kind of difficult to edit. It feels like pulling out my pinky finger just because I don’t need them. 5000 words already! That’s wonderful. Hoping to see your book in Indigo/Chapters during the Holidays!

    • Fingers crossed! I’m down to 115k now, but editing has really slowed down since my editor is too busy living her actual life to concentrate on my book. Le sigh.

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