Oh snap! I’m in a Blog Tour!

So fellow author and blogger Tania L Ramos has cordially invited me to participate in her upcoming blog tour. Woot!

The blog tour is to promote her recently self-published novel Be Still, which you can find out more about via her website. Here’s the lovely image of her cover:

I read it, and despite it being the polar opposite of the genres I usually read, I really enjoyed it. It’s a modern, romantic adult drama about a man slowly dying who wants to join his wife and daughter in the afterlife, but can’t die peacefully until he’s resolved his issues with his living son.

For people who don’t know, a blog tour is basically the internet version of a book tour. Instead of flying all around the country doing interviews and promoting their book, the author does it online instead. So at each of the stops along the blog tour, Tania will be doing an interview, or the blog’s author will post their review of the book (which is what I will likely be doing), or there might be an “interview” with one of the book’s characters, etc. Sounds cool, right?

Oh, and did I mention there will be a free giveaway of the book at each stop on the blog tour? Now you’re interested! Mwahaha. Seriously though, it’s worth stopping by just to enter into the contest. Who doesn’t love a free book? Nobody, that’s who.

Anyway, here’s the schedule for the blog tour:

July 19 – http://katherinenader.tumblr.com

July 20 – http://nerdybookreviews.wordpresscom

July 21 – http://freebies4myfamily.blogspot.com/

July 22 – http://davidmcgowanauthor.com/

July 23 – https://michelleproulx.wordpress.com/ ((ME!))

July 24 – http://www.youtube.com/user/tramossnvvc/videos ((video blog))

Tania is also holding a sweepstakes right now, which can be viewed on her Facebook page. Basically, for every 100 books she sells by August 30th, she will donate a copy of her book to a high school of the winner’s choice. It only works for U.S. schools (something about foreign policy), and she promises to donate a book even if she doesn’t hit the 100 books sold mark. And if you’re poor like me and don’t want to buy a copy, you can still go to the Sweepstakes tab on the Facebook page and enter anyway.

Here’s some cute to get you through Monday:


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